Thursday, April 16, 2015



 Summer is quickly approaching and over 200,000 Montreal families will be moving again this year. Some will be relocating for work, others for school, young couples buying their first house, while many Montrealers simply like moving every now and then. 

 No matter the reason, more people will move in Montreal this summer than in any Canadian city. That little tradition of ours creates a big issue:  Air pollution from diesel fuel burned by moving trucks.   
To help balance the impact of the moving industry on air quality, Dynamic Moving, a Montreal based moving company decided to sponsor ‘’Project Green Montreal’’, a proactive and environmentally friendly initiative to help improve air quality by planting trees in the Urban Montreal area. 

For every household moved by Dynamic Moving this year, a tree will be planted by Project Green Montreal. This initiative will allow for an additional 2000 trees to be planted this year in Montreal.

A new study actually quantified the benefits to human health from trees’ impact on outdoor air pollution, and a conclusion was made that planting trees in urban areas is particularly beneficial for the human habitats in many ways: they filter air, water, and sunlight, provide shelter to birds and animals and recreational area for people. 

They also help balance local climate, provide shade for homes and businesses to conserve energy. Trees are also critical in cooling the urban heat island effect, reducing smog days that plague the city on hot summer days.

Phil Leblanc, the initiator of Project Green Montreal is quoted as saying: ''I would love to see other moving and transport companies to follow the steps of Dynamic Moving in an effort to minimize the impact of transport companies on our urban environment and make our urban areas greener.''

If you’re going to move this year, you might as well choose a Montreal mover who helps to make our city more green.

By Mario Bulini

Montreal Project